Where are you located?

The Green Photograph is located in Akron, Ohio, and offers photography up to Cleveland, OH. I offer both in-house studio photography and outdoor, environmental portraits. Our studio is available by appointment only.

I've never posed or modeled before! Can you help?

That's ok, I have you covered! Working with a professional means we will go over everything from top to bottom - posing, makeup, hair, outfits, and location. We collaborate to ensure you are completely set up for success! I offer a consultation to make certain you feel prepared for your shoot, as well as a written, carefully curated list to make sure you are prepped the day of.

Do you offer retouching?

Yes! The Green Photograph has been working in Photoshop for over fifteen years - each package price reflects the time spent to masterfully retouch your images to specification. For additional retouching outside of contract discussion, I charge a fee of $50/per image.

Will you travel to me?

As long as our team has time to make arrangements, I am no stranger to travel. Additionally, we offer our portable studio set-ups and equipment. We serve up to 100 miles from either Akron or Cleveland, and offer free quotes for travel fees.

Can I use my images as cutouts, or process them in Canva, etc?

Yes! This is the fun part about a license agreement - you can utilize the image in the way you best want to market yourself or your product.

Who benefits from a license contract?

Both the photographer and licensee benefit from a legal contract. For photographers, it allows us to protect our work and control how, where and when it will appear - including the integrity of the final edit. For licensees, they allow you to use your imagery in a legal way without worrying about copyright infringement, while also maintaining that no other competitor will be able to use your images.

How and when do I need to give you copyright?

Simply put - for publications. Books, magazines, and widely distributed print objects need to include the copyright of the owner. For social media content and web usage, a tag is requested but not required. All images have The Green Photograph copyright embedded in their metadata.

What the heck is this termination clause?

Termination is a scary word. Simply put, you NEED to have a legal objective as to what will happen once a contract is broken. The Green Photograph cannot physically take back images that have been downloaded, but they can ask for them to be destroyed.

Can we adjust the language in my contract?

The Green Photograph is more than happy to adjust or use a separate contract, so long as there is a lawyer or paralegal residing over it. We have a lawyer available for our own business needs that can look over a contract you offer, so long as your contract is legally binding.

Ready to book? Check my calendar or send me a message!

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Remember to include your location and a date + time if applicable!

If you are a POC and/or woman in business, please reach out to me about custom rates and ways The Green Photograph can offer you support!

The Green Photograph is Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

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