Photography and Image Use

What it is, how it works, and why a license agreement is included in your commercial packages.

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How do photo rights, licensing and ownership work?

Photography and the creation of an image are intellectual property of the photographer. As a result, ownership is default to your photographer. If this is your first time receiving a license agreement, please check out this handy link to better understand the relationship between photographer and client!

Does this mean you can sell an image of me without my permission?

No! As a client and a human being, you have personal rights, including asking for your likeness to not be used across platforms. The Green Photograph will never sell an image to a third party, and is not able to do so without the written consent of the client or model.

I'm a business needing branding imagery. I don't understand the language in your license agreement. Help!

It is ok to be nervous about a legally binding contract! Please know that The Green Photograph is never looking to confuse or intimidate you during this process. Please see the FAQ below for more information regarding your license contract.

I want to buy the copyrights to my image.

The Green Photograph does not sell the copyrights to an entire album of images. However, you may purchase a copyright of an individual image for unlimited usage. Each copyright is priced between $150-$750 per image.

The Green Photograph is Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

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