Photography and Image Use

What it is, how it works, and why a license agreement is included in your commercial packages.

The team of Kaye Implementation & Evaluation, a woman-owned research and evaluation company that serves clients nationwide.


How do photo rights, licensing and ownership work?

Photography and the creation of an image are intellectual property of the photographer. As a result, ownership is default to your photographer. If this is your first time receiving a license agreement, please check out this handy link to better understand the relationship between photographer and client!

Does this mean you can sell an image of me without my permission?

No! As a client and a human being, you have personal rights, including asking for your likeness to not be used across platforms. The Green Photograph will never sell an image to a third party, and is not able to do so without the written consent of the client or model.

I'm a business needing branding imagery. I don't understand the language in your license agreement. Help!

It is ok to be nervous about a legally binding contract! Please know that The Green Photograph is never looking to confuse or intimidate you during this process. Please see the FAQ below for more information regarding your license contract.

I want to buy the copyrights to my image.

The Green Photograph does not sell the copyrights to an entire album of images. However, you may purchase a copyright of an individual image for unlimited usage. Each copyright is priced between $150-$750 per image.


Can I use my images as cutouts, or process them in Canva, etc?

A.Yes! This is the fun part about a license agreement - you can utilize the image in the way you best want to market yourself or your product.

How and when do I need to give you copyright?

A.Simply put - for publications. Books, magazines, and widely distributed print objects need to include the copyright of the owner. For social media content and web usage, a tag is requested but not required. All images have The Green Photograph copyright embedded in their metadata.

Who benefits from a license contract?

A.Both the photographer and licensee benefit from a legal contract. For photographers, it allows us to protect our work and control how, where and when it will appear - including the integrity of the final edit. For licensees, they allow you to use your imagery in a legal way without worrying about copyright infringement, while also maintaining that no other competitor will be able to use your images.

What the heck is this termination clause?

A.Termination is a scary word. Simply put, you NEED to have a legal objective as to what will happen once a contract is broken. The Green Photograph cannot physically take back images that have been downloaded, but they can ask for them to be destroyed.

Can we adjust the language in my contract?

A.The Green Photograph is more than happy to adjust or use a separate contract, so long as there is a lawyer or paralegal residing over it. We have a lawyer available for our own business needs that can look over a contract you offer, so long as your contract is legally binding.

the fat athlete marketing the green photograph commercial photography akron ohio

Mia (also known as Marci) B. of The Fat Athlete, personalized coaching services for runners of all body shapes and sizes. Maya utilized her portrait as branding stickers for her business.

the fat athlete marketing the green photograph commercial photography akron ohio
the fat athlete marketing the green photograph commercial photography akron ohio

Mia has been featured with several inclusive, athletic companies. They utilize her licensed imagery to create social media content.